2019 Pothole Blitz

It’s time for the annual Pothole Blitz! The Public Works Department repairs potholes all throughout the year but March is when we see the largest number so extra resources are dedicated towards getting them fixed.  The reason we see more potholes in March is because of the wet weather and the freeze/thaw cycles.  Potholes are created when moisture seeps into the pavements, freezes, expands, and then thaws.  This weakens the pavement, allowing for traffic to tear it up, creating potholes.

Weather not only plays a part in creating the potholes, but it also plays a part in repairs.  Public Works cannot repair a pothole when temperatures are below freezing or when the pothole is full of water or very wet.

You can help us by reporting potholes when you see them. Report them online at www.CityofChesapeake.net/Requests or by calling 382-CITY (2489). You’ll be asked a few questions about the pothole such as where on the street it’s located (travel lane, shoulder, etc) and how wide and deep it is. Repairs are generally made within 14 days of your request but, unless there are weather or material availability issues, they’re generally repaired much sooner than that.

When repairing potholes, crews work in very dangerous locations, often right in the middle of traffic. Please help us get our workers home at the end of each day by using extreme caution through work zones. Slow down, give the crew space, and be extra alert (aka put down the phone!)