Canaan’s Builders Bringing African Performers to America

Twenty-five young men and women from Southern and Central Africa are headlining a series of concerts, entitled “I Hear Music in the Air.” The concerts will be held in five cities in the United States. The first stop for these young performers will be at Temple Beth El in Suffolk, VA. The other four cities are Atlanta, New York City, Detroit and Philadelphia.
“I Hear Music in the Air” is being presented by Canaan’s Builders. Canaan is the ancient region lying between the Dead Sea, the Jordan River, and the Mediterranean Sea. These young adults will be performing traditional African dancing and singing a cappella melodies which pay homage to African heritage and tell the history of Africa.
“It is not often in a lifetime that you have an opportunity to wipe out thousands of miles in distance in such a significant and spiritually uplifting way. ‘I Hear Music in the Air’ is destined to do that,” said Elder Eric Miller, Lead Concert Organizer from Temple Beth El. “In that way when these young people take the stage, the universal language of music will transcend distance, language and culture. All of Hampton Roads should be here to witness it,” Miller added.
While in the U.S., the singers will be visiting the tabernacles in each of the five cities. They will also worship and fellowship with the saints. In addition, their visits will include an educational and historical experience of what each city has to offer.
In the words of St. Olivia Sibanyoni, Organizational Team Chairperson, Mamelodi Tabernacle, South Africa, “One could have never thought, one could have never imagined…an opportunity for youth performers from the most southern part of Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe to cross and unite with the United States community in song and dance…and share the love for artistic performance and let you indulge in their culture which is united in rhythm – sharing Africa’s unique and invigorating rhythms in rich song, storytelling and dance that will engulf and take you through an imagination journey to Africa. This is what ‘I Hear Music in the Air’ is all about.”
The concerts will take place at Temple Beth El, 3927 Bridge Rd., Suffolk, VA on Thursday, December 20 at noon and 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased through Eventbrite. World-renowned Dr. Umar Johnson will be on the program with the singers as a guest lecturer.
For more information, please call Temple Beth El at 757-484-1161.