CHESAPEAKE – The Chesapeake Expressway will implement a scheduled toll increase beginning May 1, 2021. Tolls will increase by $1.00 for regular fares, and Chesapeake Expressway Discount Program

member rate tolls will increase by $0.25 per fare. The toll increase applies to both regular and Peak Weekend toll rates.

The toll increase is required to meet all financial obligations of the Chesapeake Expressway, including repayment of debt incurred to construct the facility, as well as ongoing operational and maintenance costs. Toll revenues are used exclusively for the repayment of construction debt and for ongoing operational and maintenance costs.

This toll increase is part of a series of scheduled increases approved by Chesapeake City Council in July 2012 to meet financial obligations. The City routinely reviews and analyzes the optimum toll rate to continue meeting the requirements of the loan repayment and bond indenture. Per the toll schedule, the debt is anticipated to be paid by 2051.

Motorists who travel frequently on the Chesapeake Expressway can enroll in the Chesapeake Expressway Discount Program, which entitles program members to discounted toll rates that can save daily commuters more than $1,000 annually. Motorists must have a Virginia E-ZPass account to enroll in the Chesapeake Expressway Discount Program, and each E-ZPass transponder must be enrolled separately. To enroll, call the Chesapeake Expressway at 757-204-0010, or visit the Chesapeake Expressway Administrative Office at 168 Toll Plaza Road in Chesapeake.

Additionally, the annual five percent toll increase to the base toll rate on the Dominion Boulevard Veterans Bridge (across all three toll rate classes) will begin on July 1, 2021. Visit to view the approved toll schedule.

For more information about the Chesapeake Expressway, including the toll rate structure, Discount Program information, E-ZPass and GoToll enrollment, and more, visit