Chesapeake Prepares for Hurricane Isaias

The City of Chesapeake is closely monitoring Hurricane Isaias and preparing for any potential impacts it may have on our area. We are prepared to open a virtual Emergency Operations Center over the weekend as needed.

Operationally, the Public Works Department has been checking known choke points throughout the City and clearing blockages in the stormwater system. They will continue to do that as conditions allow.

We ask everyone in Chesapeake to prepare now to be self-sufficient should an evacuation be called and to not rely on public sheltering if at all possible, due to COVID-19 concerns. Residents should check their evacuation zone at and make plans for where they would go, keeping in mind that “evacuation” does not have to mean “leave town”. Ideally, those in Zones A and B, in particular, would find a friend or family member who lives in a Zone C or D whose home they could evacuate to.

For official information from Chesapeake, residents should follow City of Chesapeake on Facebook, @AboutChesapeake on Twitter, and www.CityofChesapeake.net