City Closing For Weather Event

In light of the inclement weather, I have decided to CLOSE City operations tomorrow, Friday, January 21, 2022, for the entire day. Those of you who work in roles that are either related to the weather emergency, or which require 24/7 operations should check with your supervisor regarding your schedule for tomorrow.

Given the forecast, it is possible that facilities will remain closed throughout the weekend; however, updates will be provided by either your department heads or supervisors for those affected. As with every weather event, we take the safety of our team members very seriously in evaluating opening and closing decisions.

Please be sure to monitor the City’s website and social media accounts for general updates on the storm and conditions in the City. You can also get the latest information of overall operating schedule changes by calling the Employee Alert Hotline at (757) 382-6550.

We have not experienced the amounts of snow currently forecast for some time, so I want to remind each of you to take the necessary precautions to ensure your family’s safety throughout the event. And for those of you who will be “out there in it” helping return our City to normal operations, please know how much your efforts are appreciated. Stay safe, work smart, and continue to be part of making Chesapeake “The City That Cares.”