Dominion Energy Provides More Support for Residential Customers, Businesses, Nonprofits and Houses of Worship

According to Dominion Energy, the coronavirus pandemic magnified how much Dominion Energy customers depend on them in their everyday lives. “We recognize the financial challenges they are facing, and don’t want customers to worry about their energy bills at a time like this. We are committed to helping residential AND business customers stay connected. We have expanded funding, and for the first time small businesses, non-profits and houses of worship can apply for EnergyShare too! The application period begins on September 1.”

Energy Assistance Programs

Dominion Energy has increased their EnergyShare funding this year to $14 million, with half of the $1 million increase in funding going to business customers; the additional $13.5 million is for residential customers.

The summer cooling benefit has doubled this season where it went from $300 to $600 per residential account. Eligibility has also been expanded; customers of any age can now apply without showing a disconnect notice,

Small business customers can apply for EnergyShare funding as well. A partnership with the Virginia Chamber of Commerce Foundation makes it possible. Dominion Energy has contributed $500,000 to the Small Business Relief Program, providing one-time assistance of up to $1,000 for unpaid Dominion Energy Virginia electric bills accrued during the pandemic to small businesses as well as nonprofits and houses of worship.

Virginia customers can call 2-1-1 or visit for a referral to a local EnergyShare agency.  Click here to find your local EnergyShare agency.

Keeping service on

Dominion Energy reports, “If a customer can’t afford to pay their bill right now, we are committed to keeping them connected. We have suspended disconnects for non-payment in March and are committed to extending that policy until at least October 14, with regulatory approval. We also are working with customers who were disconnected for nonpayment shortly before the suspension went into effect.

If you’re having trouble paying your bill, we’re here to help

While we are not currently disconnecting service for nonpayment, we are encouraging customers to pay their bill to help avoid a larger balance later. If you’ve fallen behind on your bill, you should set up a payment arrangement by visiting or calling us at 1-866-366-4357.

We offer both short-term payment extensions and long-term payment plans to help manage your balance. There are no fees associated with these.

We are also offering customers up to 12 months, starting June 15, to pay down past due balances. No minimum down payment is required.

  • Short-Term Payment Extensions: For electric customers in Virginia and North Carolina, a Payment Extensionprovides more time to pay your bill. Customers should visit our website to make payment extensions on Manage Account. Customers who have not signed up are encouraged to do so.
  • Long-Term Payment Plans: Payment Plan is an agreement to pay your current bill and a set amount towards a past due balance, each month. It divides the past due balance into equal payments. Customers can make long-term payment plans on Manage Account by visiting our website.” 

*This article was originally posted August 25, 2020 without video