Educators Invited to Participate in Virtual Teacher Night

Elementary and middle school teachers are invited to register to participate in the annual Virginia Region II Teacher Night hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab) on Wednesday, April 14. The virtual event will allow educators to see demonstrations of new methods for teaching physical science concepts and safely meet and interact with their colleagues, all while receiving one recertification point from the comfort of their own homes. The event is open to all upper elementary and middle school teachers of physical science. Demonstrations will be provided by teachers participating in the lab’s after-school science enrichment program for teachers called the JLab Science Activities for Teachers program. Organized around the familiar science fair format, local educators will present activities they have developed and used in their virtual and in-person classrooms this year. After spending many hours learning and perfecting new science and teaching methods, these colleagues are ready to share fresh ideas and expertise in teaching physical science concepts. Topics that will be addressed include atomic theory, the water cycle, exothermic demos, energy conservation, scientific investigation, sound, the periodic table, light, the solar system, renewable energy, compounds and mixtures and more. A complete set of instructions and classroom handouts will also be available for download after the event. While the event is free, space is limited and advance registration is required. The registration deadline is April 13. For more information or to register, visit