Faith Counts competition’s $20K winner finds faith through purpose

Adrian Woodard, Recipient of Faith Counts Competition

By Lauryn Bass

Recently, an Old Dominion student studying cinematography proved his talents by winning a grand prize of twenty-thousand dollars from the Faith Counts competition. The competition provided a platform for creatives of all ages to craft an artistic, two minute piece about their faith journey. In Adrian Woodard’s film: “Keeping Faith”, he told of a struggle that he and others are having to stay positive during the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the outbreak, he’s been trying to adjust to being lonely while social distancing. He was transparent about how tough it was to get back
to his craft, especially after taking a semester off from his communication studies. But this didn’t stop Adrian creating. Influenced by
his parents in the media industry, he kept continuing to grow and work on his passions for writing and cinematography. With the criteria for the submission being to show your faith in a positive light and use original music, Adrian reached out to those he knew to bring this project to life. His brother, Lawrence, helped with filming and family-friend, Terry Butler, provided an original score that amplified the intensity and
heaviness of the project’s message.

Using imagery of water, flames, and light alongside the faces of his community, he captures the emotion-filled steps it took for him to
strengthen his relationship with God. Nearing the end of the film, you see Adrian sitting in a church with a smile on his face as he realizes that he
“has the power from the greatest.” He ends the film saying that he just has to keep his faith. He plans to invest in stocks and put money into his
brand “Korrosive Films” for future projects with the prize money. Adrian said that he “found his faith again through his purpose” and will be
looking forward to making more movies as he returns to classes next semester.