Governor Northam Announces Launch of the 2019 Commemoration’s Virginia History Trails Mobile Application

App offers 20 thematic trails containing 400 stories from across Virginia
that influenced American history

Today, Governor Ralph Northam joined the 2019 Commemoration,
American Evolution™ in announcing the launch of the Virginia History
Trails mobile application. Travelers, families, Virginia residents and
history lovers can easily access 400 years of Virginia history through
the app, which includes 20 themed trails and 400 detailed site
descriptions that address what happened, who was involved, and why each
site is important to Virginia and American history. The app is available
for download at the American Evolution

“The 2019 Commemoration’s Virginia History Trails app demonstrates how
technology can enhance engagement with important historical knowledge and
information,” said Governor Ralph Northam. “Virginia’s history is
America’s history and the app is one of several American Evolution legacy
projects that will continue to engage visitors in Virginia history for
years to come.”

Curated by the Library of Virginia and Virginia Humanities, The Virginia
History Trails contains over 400 stories and more than 200 historic
places. The Virginia History Trails app’s intuitive interface allows users
to create their own profiles and “check in” at sites or share updates
using the hashtag #VAHistoryTrails to earn badges. Users can immerse
themselves in a themed trail that winds across the Commonwealth or employ
the app’s GPS feature to find nearby historical sites and immediately
transform their surroundings into a live history experience. The app also
offers information about 2019 Commemoration, American Evolution events and
announcements. The 20 themed trails on the app include:

*   African-American
*   American Revolution
*   Citizenship
*   Civil Rights
*   Civil War
*   Conflicts
*   Culture
*   Education
*   Entrepreneurship
*   Exploration
*   Immigration
*   Innovation
*   Military
*   Preservation
*   Presidents
*   Religious Liberty
*   Representative Government
*   Resistance
*   Virginia Indians
*   Women

Learn more about Virginia History Trails and download the application on
the American Evolution

Virginia’s 2019 Commemoration, American Evolution™ commemorates the 400th
anniversary of several pivotal events that took place in 1619 Virginia,
which have had an enduring impact on Virginia and America’s history. These
1619 events set the state and the nation on a course towards the ideals of
democracy, diversity and opportunity and include the First Representative
Legislative Assembly in the New World, the arrival of the first enslaved
Africans to English North America, the recruitment of English women in
significant numbers to the Virginia colony, the first official English
Thanksgiving in North America and the entrepreneurial spirit of the
Virginia colony.