Hampton University Becomes Community Center for Coding and Creativity, in collaboration with Apple and Tennessee State University

HAMPTON, Va. (December 9, 2020) – Today, in celebration of Computer
Science Education Week, Hampton University announced it will become a
community center for Coding and Creativity as part of Apple’s Community
Education Initiative and Tennessee State University’s HBCU C2 initiative
designed to bring coding and creativity experiences to historically black
colleges and universities (HBCUs) and their communities.

“Our founder, General Samuel Chapman Armstrong wanted to prioritize two
tenets for Hampton University; the first was a strong academic offering,
which today would be called workforce development. The second was the
development of character. We continue to remain on the cutting edge of
technology and workforce development, as they both are vital for the
success of our future digital world and the economy,” said Hampton
University President, Dr. William R. Harvey.

Faculty leaders from Hampton University will participate in Apple’s
ongoing Community Education Initiative Learning Series to learn about
coding and app development. As part of that ongoing professional
development, educators will explore innovative ways to engage with
learners using Apple’s comprehensive curriculum, which utilizes its
easy-to-learn Swift programming language.

“The Department of Computer Science at Hampton University is committed to
bringing technology and specifically access to coding for all throughout
Hampton Roads.  It is a privilege to participate with Apple and Tennessee
State’s HBCU C2 initiative to ensure students, within our community as
well as internal to Hampton University across all disciplines. It is
important that all students are prepared for the every rising demand of
technology through learning to code and create,” said Dr. Jean Muhammad,
Chair of the Department of Computer Science.

As part of its Community Education Initiative, Apple is supporting Hampton
University with equipment and professional development to help the
university become the pre-eminent HBCU C2 community center to bring coding
and creativity to Hampton Roads.