Hampton University Celebrates 36th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony

HAMPTON, Va. (December 5, 2019) – The sound of Christmas music from the Hampton University’s brass ensemble graced the ears of 200 students, faculty and staff during the 36th annual tree lighting ceremony. Smells of fresh Christmas cookies lingered with the view of red and green lights, with ornaments donning the Hampton University’s Christmas tree, to celebrate the season to give thanks.

“This time of the year is such a wonderful time for us to openly express our thanks. We just celebrated Thanksgiving, but gratitude is always in season. I believe that gratitude is a virtue and we have so much to be thankful for,” said Hampton University President, Dr. William R. Harvey. “Give thanks. Don’t expect things and when people do things for you, say thank you and be genuine about it. To all of you, the staff, faculty, students and everyone else, thank you. For 42 years I’ve been able to say that and I’m going to continue to say that because it is real.”

After Dr. Harvey spoke about giving thanks, the ceremony continued with Hampton University’s First Lady, Mrs. Norma B. Harvey lighting the tree.

“As we go into the Christmas season, always remember to keep Christ in Christmas. May we have peace around the world. May we love one another and may we hope that our future will be bright,” Mrs. Harvey said. “Now, it is my pleasure to light this gorgeous tree.”

Following her words, Mrs. Harvey threw a switch, lighting up the festive tree, decorated in Christmas colors. The brass ensemble serenaded as guests gathered around enjoying Christmas cookies and fruit punch.

The tree, decorated with dozens of Christmas colored ornaments can be seen near the entrance to Hampton University at the corner of East Tyler Street and Emancipation Drive.

By: Hampton University