Hampton University Receives More than $1.2 Million for Local Students in Need

Hampton, Va. – Hampton University is a prestigious institution dedicated
to seeing young men and women receive a top quality education regardless
of their background. Those efforts were recently furthered when the
university was granted funding for HU’s Upward Bound program, which will
address the needs of 60 low income and potential first-generation college
students in Newport News Public Schools. The project will run from
September 2017 through 2022 with one goal, develop the skills and
motivation necessary for students to complete a rigorous secondary and,
subsequently, post-secondary education.

“For decades, Hampton University’s Upward Bound program exposed thousands
of high school students to the rigorous curricula required to successfully
matriculate to college. After a five year hiatus, we are very excited to
bring the Upward Bound program back to Hampton University and to deploy
evidence-based interventions proven to optimize student achievement,” said
Mikael Davis, Director of Hampton University’s Student Support Services

“The Upward Bound program will provide a cadre of Newport News Public
School students with individual, small group, and online tutoring; advice
and assistance in post-secondary course selection; and preparation to
improve their performance on the SAT and ACT exams,” said Hampton
University's Vice President of Administrative Services Dr. Barbara Inman.

Students will also benefit from on-campus workshops held during the
academic year, which affords participants the opportunity to explore
careers and develop time management and problem solving skills. During the
summer months, graduated “academically eligible” seniors will receive
individualized college counseling and enroll in Hampton University’s
Summer Bridge courses to earn college credit. The remaining graduated
participants will enroll in noncredited courses. In turn, students will
reduce their need to pay for remedial courses as undergraduates while
shortening the time it takes to complete their degree.