Hampton University to Give Displaced Bahamian Students One More Free Semester

HAMPTON, Va. (November 7, 2019) – On Halloween night, the displaced Bahamian students who currently attend Hampton University from the University of the Bahamas – North campus for the fall 2019 semester, received quite a treat. Hampton’s President, Dr. William R. Harvey, made an announcement to the students that they will be able to return to Hampton University next semester – free of charge.

“Thankfulness is a virtue and every single one of you who I’ve talked with appears to be so thankful for what we have done,” Dr. Harvey said. “I’m going to issue a blanket order that those of you who are in good standing, academically and socially, I’m going to let you come back another semester, under the same auspices. Room, board, and tuition. Free.”

The students from the University of the Bahamas- North campus have acclimated to Hampton University life very well. Several offices on campus, such as the International Office, Health Center and Student Counseling Center, provided resources to help the students transition from their hometowns.

The Bahamian students continue to be so thankful for this opportunity.

“Thank you Dr. Harvey, the University and everyone else who has helped to make this a reality, not only for next semester but for as far as we are now. On behalf of all the students, our parents, families, thank you,” said Kristoff Strachan, Bahamian student. “We are grateful to God that we have this opportunity and we are thankful for your kindness and gratitude.”

Anyone interested in supporting these students is asked to please contact the Hampton University Office of Development at 757-727-5002.