HB 1893 New River Valley Passenger Rail Station Authority Signed by Governor Northam

RICHMOND, Va. – HB 1893 introduced by Delegate Chris Hurst (D-12) to establish the New River Valley Passenger Rail Station Authority has been signed into law by Governor Northam.

The law establishes the ability to create and maintain passenger rail in the New River Valley. HB 1893 allows regional localities to enter into revenue-sharing agreements and to create a governing board consisting of members from those localities, and institutions of higher learning. Negotiations are ongoing between VDOT and Norfolk Southern to finalize plans to bring a passenger rail line into Christiansburg, Virginia. “HB 1893 was signed by Governor Northam today,” said Delegate Hurst. “I am excited about this major step towards bringing passenger rail to the New River Valley. This measure will bring new economic opportunities to the region, make traveling easier for residents and students alike, help reduce congestion on I-81, increase tourism, and allow the NRV to become a new transportation hub for rail travel. The New River Valley is already a great place to live and this makes it even better. I’m so proud to be a part of this historic project and seeing all of our hard work finally paying off.”