Norfolk Reminds Users to Scoot Safely This Fourth of July

NORFOLK, VA – Norfolk’s new Lime scooters are a new, fun and an inexpensive way to complete that final mile to your favorite destination. Ahead of the July 4th holiday weekend, the City of Norfolk wants to ensure riders know where to properly ride, park and scoot around the city. Here are some scooter fast facts everyone should know:

  1. Don’t drink and scoot/drive/ride. No matter what form of transportation you’re using for your July 4th festivities—car, bike, scooter, etc.—leave the driving to someone else if you’ve been drinking.
  2. Protect your head and wear a helmet. Like cyclists, e-scooter riders are encouraged to wear helmets while riding
  3. Share the Road, not a scooter. Electric scooters are designed for one rider at a time. If your pal needs a ride, get them their own scooter for optimal fun and safety.
  4. Share the road and obey all traffic laws. Be respectful of those around you. Obey all traffic signals and go with the flow of traffic. Scooters belong in the bike lane or on a street under 25 mph.  Scooters are not allowed on downtown sidewalks. 
  5. Park responsibly. As a dockless system, riders can start, hold and end rides by parking the e-scooter in the public right of way (ex. bike racks, sidewalks and plazas), clear of building entrances, ramps and out of the street.
  6. Riders 18 and over.  Parents, scooters are not a toy but a transportation option.  With speeds up to 20 mph, adults only please.

Norfolk will continue to engage with residents and stakeholders during the rollout and duration of the pilot program to collect their feedback and evaluate the effectiveness of the program. 

Major issues can be reported to Lime at 1-888 -546-3345 or emailed to
For more information on how to ride Lime in Norfolk, visit