Portsmouth Police Department and City Agencies Rollout New Citizen Engagement Initiative

(PORTSMOUTH, VA – July 8, 2019) – It’s called Chat, Chew & You and it is designed as a quality of life engagement opportunity with and for the Portsmouth community. Presented by the Portsmouth Police Department, Chat, Chew and You will be held Sat., July 20, from noon to 3 p.m., at Woodrow Wilson High School, 1401 Elmhurst Lane.

The Chat, Chew & You mission is to build trust and create partnerships with the community in an effort to enhance residents’ quality of life and for the community at large. “We’re planning a series of workshops and seminars to include information from hurricane safety and preparedness, to recreational activities for families, to the opioid epidemic to the fundamental importance of reading and lifelong learning. At this juncture, we plan to host this event at least annually,” said Police Chief Angela Greene during an event planning meeting.

City agencies scheduled to participate include:

· Parks, Recreation and Tourism

· Behavioral Healthcare

 · Portsmouth Department of Social Services

· Portsmouth Museums

· Portsmouth Public Library

· Portsmouth Public Schools Division

 · Portsmouth Police Department

· Portsmouth Department of Health

Participants will get the opportunity to talk with members of the Portsmouth Police Department and other agencies via a resource center and general session. Later in the afternoon, a moderated public forum will be held. Residents will be able to share concerns and obtain valuable information. Food and beverages will be available and children’s activities for ages 5-12 have also been planned.

Mark your calendars now and plan to attend Chat, Chew & You. Transportation will be available at hurricane pick up points in the communities of Dale Homes, Swanson Homes, London Oaks and Prentice Place at 11 a.m. For more information, contact Assistant Chief Scott Burke at 757-235-5711.