Protect yourself from Scams, High bills!

Heading into the weekend with everyone spending more time than normal at home, we’re sharing some important reminders for our customers to protect them from scams, high bills and more. This also includes b-roll and soundbites if you can use them.

  • While Dominion Energy has suspended service disconnects and is working with customers on reconnection, bills are still accruing, so taking steps to keep bills low is important. More of these tips are included below, along with some video resources for you all to use as you see fit to help share these tips.
  • Scam artists are trying to take advantage of our customers during this difficult time. We will never call demanding immediate payment or threaten to cut off power. Dominion Energy is not disconnecting anyone’s service during the coronavirus pandemic. We would greatly appreciate your help in reminding people to be vigilant. More on scams:

While many of us are spending more time at home due to coronavirus, there are some small steps we can take to reduce energy usage and lower energy bills.

Here are some energy saving tips to consider:

Nearly half of your total energy costs go to heating and cooling your home. Anything you can do to reduce the amount of time your heat and a/c run can save a lot of money.

  • Save Money by Degrees: Keep the thermostat as close to 68 degrees on cooler days and as close to 78 degrees on warm days. 
  • Ensure your heat and a/c systems are serviced and running correctly. Ensure your filters are changed monthly, or more frequently if needed.
  • When weather permits, open windows and use fans as much as possible to reduce the amount of time your system runs.

Spending more time at home and on your devices?

  • Try not to leave your office lamp on all day. Always turn off your lights when leaving a room. 
  • Unplug devices such as your phone or laptop when they’re fully charged – don’t leave them plugged in all day!
  • Turn off your laptop completely when it is not in use, and don’t leave plugged in overnight.
  • Use a central power strip for your work-related devices, phone charger, computer monitor, laptop charger, etc. to make it easier to turn things off when you aren’t using them. Even when turned off, if you leave devices plugged in they will still use electricity.

Eating lunch at home again?

  • Use your microwave or toaster oven instead of your oven.
  • Cook outside on the grill whenever possible.

Conserving energy is an important way to help keep bills low. Click here for more tips on how to lower your bill.

For customers who are facing financial difficulties, please contact us. Customers may be eligible for short-term payment extensions and long-term payment assistance. We encourage customers to use our online digital tools and automated phone option for routine self-service and 24/7 account access.