Test Your Soil Before You Fertilize!

Spring has sprung! If you think that means you need to automatically fertilize your lawn, hold on just a minute. Do you know if your lawn really needs more nutrients? Before you decide to fertilize, test your soil to see what, if any, nutrients your lawn is lacking.
If you apply more nitrogen and phosphorus than your lawn can absorb, it will most likely run off your yard and end up in our waterways. Once in the waterways, the excess nutrients cause “dead zones,” or areas with low amounts of oxygen. With little or no oxygen, fish, crabs, oysters and other aquatic animals literally suffocate. An excess of these nutrients also fuels the growth of dense algae blooms that block sunlight that underwater grasses need to grow in order to continue providing food for waterfowl and shelter for blue crabs and juvenile fish. These blooms also cause our waterways to become discolored, smelly and undesirable for swimming and boating. 
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