Why is the VDH advising people to wear cloth face coverings (nonsurgical masks)?

COVID-19 is a new virus and we are learning as much as we can about it every day.  Considering the growing evidence of asymptomatic persons carrying the virus, it’s wise to take additional precautions.  Wearing a non-surgical mask could help prevent a sick person, exhibiting no symptoms, from accidentally infecting others.  VDH continues to urge all citizens to heed Governor Northam’s stay at home order and to practice social distancing (staying 6 feet apart from others) during any essential trip outside of the home.  Read more about CDC’s guidance on wearing non-surgical masks

Remember, if you must go out in public for essentials during this time of the stay at home order, wear your cloth face covering each time and make sure you can breathe through it.  Also, make sure that it covers your nose and mouth and wash it after each use.  

For a demonstration of how to make a cloth face covering, here’s the link to the United States Surgeon General’s video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPx1yqvJgf4.