William R. Harvey Leadership Institute Hosts Induction Ceremony for Freshman Students

HAMPTON, Va.  – Hampton University’s William R. Harvey Leadership Institute (WRHLI) hosted their annual leadership induction ceremony on Thursday, January 24, 2019, in the McGrew Towers Conference Center. A total of thirty freshmen students were inducted into the 2018-2019 class. Hampton University alumnus, DeWarren K. Langley (’07), was the guest speaker for the ceremony.

“Each year, The William R. Harvey Leadership Institute will induct a new freshman class with a goal to develop these bright students into leaders who make a positive difference in society, whatever their chosen profession,” said Hampton University President, Dr. William R. Harvey.  “We emphasize integrity, honesty, respect for others, decency, dignity and personal and professional responsibility. Congratulations to the new inductees. Hampton University will look forward to seeing you all grow into world renowned leaders.”

DeWarren K. Langley earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Economics with a minor in Leadership Studies from Hampton University in 2007. He is an equity minded community leader, student success coach, career development specialist, policy analyst and strategy consultant.

During his address, Langley motivated students to become the best leader they can be. “Leadership is not always glamorous. You will not always be recognized for the hard work you do. It can be lonely and frustrating, but it is necessary. As you all embark on your journeys and pathways, people will try to get you to sell yourself short. Think back to what you’ve learned as Fellows and the discussions you’ve heard at Hampton University. Remain humble and focused on what your mission is to contribute to society,” said Langley.

Upperclassmen Leadership Fellows were in attendance for the ceremony, encouraging and applauding the new inductees as they were welcomed into the institution.

“Watching our last induction was bittersweet. We are so happy to see these freshmen become a part of our family of leaders. We thought back to our induction and realized how much we’ve grown and progressed. This day symbolizes growth,” said Victoria Daniels, fourth-year student in the WRHLI.  

“As Director of the William R. Harvey Leadership Institute, there are two occasions that you beam with enormous pride and those are the Induction Ceremony held in January, and the Graduation Ceremony, held in April for the Leadership Fellows. This year we have 30 diverse leaders who will leave a legacy of excellence within the Leadership Institute, on the HU campus, and in their beloved communities back home and locally,” said Dr. Jarris Louis Taylor, Jr., Director of the WRHLI. “Mr. DeWarren K. Langley inspired the Leadership Fellows with life lessons he learned here in the Institute and how he was able to transition into law school and the nonprofit sector. I am extremely proud of his accomplishments and that he was able to answer the call and share his ‘education for life’ story with the Leadership Fellows.”