311 FAQ: Summer Edition

By: City of Newport News

Our Newport News 311 Contact Center receives thousands of calls and emails each month, but there are a few topics that rise to the top during the summer months.
Tall grass and weeds in your yard over 10 inches is prohibited. Violators can be fined for breaking the municipal code. If you see a neighboring or vacant lot with tall grass, give 311 a call (757-933-2311) and they will alert a codes inspector to investigate.Speaking of grass, if you see a snake in your yard, remember that they are good for the environment as they eat mice and other rodents. Because snakes are considered wildlife, the city cannot remove them from your property. Keeping your grass trimmed will give snakes fewer places to hide.Mosquito season is here! Remember that only a thimble full of water can breed hundreds of mosquitoes, so empty flower pot lids and make sure nothing in your yard is accidently collecting water. The city crews spray in various neighborhoods in the evenings for mosquitoes but if you have a ditch holding water, or a particularly bad issue with them in your yard, call 311 (757-933-2311). The city’s Stormwater Operations and Maintenance department can come out and determine what type of mosquitos you have and where they might be breeding. The 311 Contact Center is open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can also email any questions or requests to 311@nnva.gov or submit a service request at 311 online. You can also download the free app so you can report issues on the go.

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