MH Success Brokers: Housing with a Purpose!

By Alexandra Wilson


Finding housing can be a struggle for countless African Americans. From low-income to poor credit, the qualifications required often leave many homeless and hopeless. Ms. Montoya recognized the need for affordable housing in the community, which led her and a business partner to create MH Success Brokers in 2017. After taking numerous real estate classes from gurus in the industry, she began purchasing property in 2019. Ms. Montoya started with two houses that included detached units in an effort to help two families at once. She later acquired two more homes, leaving her with “6 doors to assist those in need”.
When Ms. Montoya began this journey, she had no idea that COVID-19 was right around the corner. Between investing rehabilitation money and supplies along with procuring some properties from additional business partners, she was in too deep to quit. While battling with the moratoriums in place due to COVID-19, Ms. Montoya still believed in her mission. With the help of funds from the Small Business Administration, along with over $75,000 in grant money from Virginia Housing, MH Success Brokers was able to stand strong and keep its tenants even during a Worldwide pandemic.
Being able to help the underserved community is the cornerstone of Ms. Montoya’s motivation. Because of this, MH Success Brokers decided to partner with a program called Youth Build that helps young people develop trades such as electrical, HVAC, and carpentry. Ms. Montoya noticed that many young people in the program were homeless and offered to assist them with finishing their courses by providing reduced rent for rooms. Ms. Montoya also works with a company called Dee’s Contracting, owned by one of the very few African American women licensed contractors in Virginia. Dee’s contracting assists her with providing housing assistance to young people in the Youth Build program.
Ms. Montoya welcomes anyone in the community to her properties. Whether you’re a single mother trying to get on your feet or a family in need, Ms. Montoya is willing to work with her tenants to provide them with the support they need. MH Success Brokers offers options with no credit checks, unlike most apartment communities. If you or anyone you know is in need of housing, or moving to the Hampton Roads area, MH Success Brokers is a great place to start. Their Facebook is, and you can also access their properties through!/1149077. Your new home awaits through MH Success Brokers; housing with a purpose!