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Aerial Mosquito Spraying Over Craney Island,

Churchland Areas on Tuesday, September 7th

On Tuesday, September 7th, the Norfolk District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Portsmouth will conduct joint aerial mosquito spraying over federal properties on Craney Island, adjacent city properties, and the Churchland area in Portsmouth.  A contractor will conduct the aerial spraying between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. in areas north of state Route 164, weather permitting.  Beekeepers in the affected areas should keep bees covered during spraying operations, and people with known allergies should stay indoors.

If conditions do not allow spraying on September 7th, the alternate date is Wednesday, September 8th.

For more information or for updates on this aerial mosquito spraying, please call the City of Portsmouth’s Department of Public Works at 393-8666.

Public Utilities to Open Fire Hydrants to Conduct a Water System Soft Flush


The Department of Public Utilities will be conducting a soft flush of the potable water system as part of normal maintenance procedures Tuesday, September 7th, through Thursday, September 16th.  To conduct the procedure, staff will open some of the fire hydrants and blow off valves on the streets listed below for two to three days per hydrant.  Water from these hydrants will be flowing into a nearby storm drain.  For the weekend, the flushing operation will end at 4 p.m. on Friday, September 10th, and resume at 7 a.m. on Monday, September 13th.

This work could cause discoloration of the water and customers are urged to check their water prior to laundering clothes during this period.  If there is any discoloration, customers should turn on the faucet for a few minutes and any discoloration or cloudiness should disappear.

Locations for the soft flush scheduled between Tuesday, September 7th, and Thursday, September 16th 

River Shore Road                              

Twin Pines Road at Hoffler Creek              

West Norfolk Road                            

High Street at Churchland Bridge      

Hodges Ferry Bridge                         

McLean Street at the Railroad Tracks                             

Francis Street                                    

Food Lion Shopping Center- Cradock                       

Cavalier Boulevard                            

Veneer Road                                      

Wavy Street at Harbor Center Way

Harrell Street and Webster Avenue

Douglas Avenue and Bayview Boulevard

Riverside Drive south of Route 17 Bridge     

Montgomery Street at Greenbrier Road    

Aylwin Crescent at Paradise Creek                             

Victory Boulevard                              

Victory Boulevard at Paradise Creek            

Elm Avenue at Veneer Road                                 

Seaboard Court west of Greenwood Drive

The Public Utilities telephone number, 393-8561, will be posted at the flushing locations for customers to call if they have questions or concerns.