By the City of Chesapeake

CHESAPEAKE — The Chesapeake City Council is seeking residents who may be interested in serving on various boards and commissions. Boards and commissions provide a vital service to various City departments, agencies and City Council.

Citizens wishing to serve must complete an application form. Applications are due in the City Clerk’s office by May 29, 2020. City Council will appoint candidates for these vacancies during its June 23, 2020 meeting. 

Applications are currently being accepted for the following City Council appointed boards and commissions:

  • Chesapeake Bicycle/Trails Advisory Committee             1 vacancy

(Member of an Organized Trail User Group)

  • Chesapeake Historic Preservation Commission             1 vacancy


  • Chesapeake Integrated Behavioral Healthcare Board        1 vacancy

(Individual or Family Member who has received/is receiving services)

  • Chesapeake Redevelopment and Housing Authority          4 vacancies
  • Fine Arts Commission                                   5 vacancies
  • Mosquito Control Commission                            3 vacancies
  • South Norfolk Revitalization Commission                 5 vacancies

For more information or to apply, contact the City Clerk’s office at 382-6151, or visit Boards and Commissions at the City of Chesapeake’s website,