Back Away from the Sink, Grease Grinch!

He’s a mean one, the Grease Grinch, which is why you should avoid having him over for turkey and pumpkin pie this holiday.
When leftover cooking oil and greasy food scraps are washed into the kitchen drain or disposal, “It will clog in a blink! It will gunk up your pipes! It will stink up your sink!” 
Not only are sewer overflows and backups an inconvenience for Hampton Roads residents, they impact the environment by contaminating local waterways and harming wildlife and aquatic species. 
When food particles get washed down the drain, they cling to the pipe walls and restrict water flow. This can lead to sewage backups in your home or a sanitary sewer overflow in the street.
The idea is to avoid putting greasy, oily leftovers down the sink at all. Instead, follow these un-Grinchy tips:
Pour standing grease while it’s hot into an empty can, let it harden in the freezer and then place in your garbage container.
For grease leftover from foods such as bacon or hamburger, allow it to cool in the pan, then use a paper towel to swipe off grease and toss it in the trash.
For dishes, scrape any leftovers into the trash or compost bin before washing.
To dispose of leftover turkey frying oil, contact your locality for proper disposal. Most household hazardous waste collection facilities accept residentially-generated fryer oil. 
“So follow these steps and your holiday’s saved; your drain will be happy, the Grease Grinch behaved!”