Biz Markie: We lost more than ‘Just a friend’

By Karol Scott

On July 16, 2021, the music and entertainment industry, fans and family paused to mourn Biz Markie. He was born as Marcel Theo Hall in Harlem, New York in 1964. Biz Markie made his way into the music industry as a rapper. Early in his career he performed in nightclubs and became recognized through his performances in the colleges in and around the Washington, DC area. His best-known introductory song “Just a Friend” was a top 40 hit. Although many found the song comical, it also made the list of the greatest hip-hop songs of all time. Many celebrities in the music and show business industry describe him as one of the nicest people to be around. Celebrities took to Instagram and Twitter showing love and tribute to the Hip Hop rapper.

Missy Elliott quoted on Twitter, “I can remember so many times trying to beat box like you until my lips was sore and whenever we saw each other your energy was always so full of life, love, and good vibes. Your impact in the culture is forever and you will never be forgotten, rest King.”

ICE T quoted on Twitter, “First thing on my mind waking up this morning…I’m gonna miss my guy…”

Markie went on to perform in many of the entertainment outlets until 2020. He also made a guest starring appearance in Men in Black II. His last stint was hosting a radio show on SiriusXM on LL Cool J’s Rock the Bells Radio Channel 43 every weekday. In April of 2020, Biz Markie was hospitalized with Type 2 diabetes complications. He was on a slow rehabilitation from other health issues, as well. He leaves behind Tara Hall Markie, his wife and his two daughters.

Check out his hit song “Just a Friend” off the album “The Biz Never Sleeps” below

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