CIAA Announces Updated COVID-19 Game Cancellation Policy

CHARLOTTE – The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) announces its updated COVID-19 game cancellation policy for the 2021-22 athletic season. The cancellation policy, updated from September 2021, is as follows: 

CIAA COVID-19 Game Cancellation Policy (for conference seeding and ranking)
General Information

– If a team cancels a conference contest due to being in COVID-19 protocol, it may result in a loss for the cancelling team and a win for the team that is eligible and prepared to play.

– If both teams are in COVID-19 protocol and mutually agree to cancel a conference contest, then it may result in a loss for both teams.

Rescheduling Protocols

– One attempted reschedule per cancelled contest will be permitted. 

o In softball, all rescheduled games must be completed by Saturday, April 30, 2022.

o In tennis, all rescheduled games must be completed by Wednesday, April 20, 2022.

o In bowling, all rescheduled games must be completed by Sunday, March 20, 2022.

o In football, divisional champions will be determined by Saturday prior to the conference championship. Teams not in contention for the championship may schedule makeup games to be completed prior to the date of the conference championship game.

o In basketball, every attempt should be made to play any cancelled game. If it cannot be played before the conference championship it will be designated as a “NO CONTEST”. Rescheduling of games must occur within five business days, be approved by both athletic directors, and communicated to the conference office. The minimum number of participants required to compete is (7) seven student-athletes (not impacted by COVID protocols), plus one full-time coach. If a team meets those minimum standards, they are required to play.

For ALL sports, rescheduled contests must be played prior to the conference championship. For conference seeding purposes, if a game/match cannot be rescheduled and designated as a “NO CONTEST”, the team prepared to compete will be assigned a win, and the COVID impacted team will be assigned a loss. The Change of Date form will be used to confirm changes with both institutions, and it must also be submitted to confirm if rescheduling could not occur.

– Teams must meet the NCAA minimum for games played in order to qualify for conference and national postseason play

– All non-conference and conference composite game cancellations will follow NCAA guidelines: 
  o Canceled contests will be reported as “NO CONTEST”.

-Teams that experience sport sponsorship requirement issues due to COVID cancellations will have the opportunity to remedy through the NCAA waiver process.

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