Citywide Signal Retiming Project Grant Funding

Last night, City Council gave approval for the city to enter into a Project Administration Agreement with the Virginia Department of Transportation to utilize Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant funds for this signal retiming project. The city competed for and successfully secured $500,000 in VDOT CMAQ grant funds, which City Council also appropriated last night. The project includes data collection, analysis, and optimization of signal phase timings throughout the city.
J. Clyde Morris Repaving Project Grant FundingLike the signal retiming project, the city competed for and secured VDOT grant funds for this repaving project on J. Clyde from San Jose Drive to Impala Drive. A Project Administration Agreement between the city and VDOT received approval from City Council, who also appropriated the $681,380 in VDOT State of Good Repair grant funds for the project. Milling and asphalt overlay of the roadway as well as any minor concrete maintenance work to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for bike and pedestrian facilities along that stretch are part of the project.

  • Reallocation of Funds ($422,580) – These surplus funds from 13 completed CMAQ projects were reallocated by City Council to the Newport News Transportation Center project. Of these funds, $404,295 are federal grants, and $18,285 are state grants. A city match of $97,449 is required. 
  • Southeast Community Redevelopment Efforts ($500,000) – From the Community Development Category of the CIP bond authorization, these funds will be used to assist with community investment, property acquisition and other related activities, in support of redevelopment efforts in the Southeast Community.
  • Choice Neighborhoods Initiative ($1,700,000) – This appropriation from the Community Development Category of the CIP Bond Authorization was approved to assist with housing and neighborhood investments and other related activities as part of the implementation of the Choice Neighborhoods Initiative Transformation Plan. 
  • Waterworks ($25,000,000) – Waterworks is implementing a system-wide smart metering project to upgrade existing water meters to allow for remote meter reading and connect/disconnection functions; provide customers access to timely and detailed consumption data; offer quicker response times for move-in and moveouts; have the ability to identify high usages sooner, assisting in leak detection; and reduce Waterworks’ carbon footprint by decreasing truck rollouts tied to meter reads and service turn-ons or turn-offs. This allocation will allow Waterworks to continue full deployment of this smart metering project. Council previously allocated $14,000,000 for this project, and the total project cost is expected to be $56,500,000.

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