Former Hampton University Student has a plan for inner-city youth

The message in the bottle is clear. Last year after Kobe Bryant’s 2020 death, I released a YouTube music documentary that I had made with friends a dozen years ago. Friendship means a lot to me and it reminded me of my son’s birth because Kobe was his favorite basketball player. This also reminded me of the loss of my favorite basketball player Len Bias. 

I grew up an only child, so the bonds I created with my friends are very important. Athletics and music are common denominators with most of my friends. I had a dream of a friend who is a part of this movement, Marty Chadwick aka Nesta Rollins, a musician, dancer, and rapper told me in this dream, “to do what I’ve been dreaming about”. So I immediately thought he must be talking about the music we had done together. Marty Chadwick was the most talented rap artist I have ever been around and he was tragically killed by a stabbing from his female companion. Music at that point had stopped for me. I considered myself an up-and-coming prominent promoter/executive producer in the 757 area and his death hurt. Some music artists I worked with moved, some artists gave up. I moved on with my life and got married and had two beautiful twins currently 6 years old. 7 years later, exactly on the exact day of my marriage, I was divorced. 

That happened right before my dream about Nestor Rollins telling me “to do what you’ve been dreaming about” stuck with me. Now divorced and free to do my music, I quickly produced and recovered my first composition, “EBANKS MIXPLATE” and eventually placed it on YouTube. Look it up EBANKS MIXPLATE it has the above picture on the album cover. What happened next was divine, while looking for paperwork and working on some music, I came across my non -profit organization YATUP (Youth AthleticTraining Upliftment Program) introduction and draft that had been my life’s work to start a nonprofit organization. I worked on this after I decided that youth development was my calling after working in prison. I thought back to when I was an employee of Sussex II State Maximum Prison. I just had my son Julien and created JULIENNI ENTITY MBT in 1998 and it later became an LLC in 2001. In the preceding 10 years, I discovered and received a divine sign. The sign revealed itself as the Hebrew letter L and it resembled the staff of Moses. But it came to me in the form of the Hebrew letter L which means staff and has other meanings, such as teaching, learning, and goad, etc. 

Now the dream made sense, Nestor didn’t tell me to do what he was most talented in,  he told me to do what God put in me through my dreams, my personal plans, and dreams that I’ve had in my spirit since birth. I wanted to help people and I thought I could make a difference in the prison system and quickly found out. After 5 years of making significant wages, I decided I wanted to work with the youth and reach them before they ended up in prison, I could make a difference. Plus, my mother Evelyn Artybridge Banks started a nonprofit organization called POLEMICAL SUCCESS that focused on disenfranchised youth. I went to sit-ins and learned about systematic racism and the need for change. I worked very diligently and have met different individuals that have impacted my life. My mother died in 2004 but earlier in my life, I didn’t quite understand the importance of this work until the death of my favorite college basketball player Len Bias in the late 80s, who died of a cocaine overdose. I have now dedicated myself to completing this mission of starting this nonprofit organization and combat community ills like that. 

Dr. Hunter, my Department Head at Hampton University, is the only educator to notice my talent and inspire me to do great things, and truly help me put my talents together. His engagement with me infused me with confidence. Myself being a C student at best yet my term paper rank among the best term papers ever. Dr. Hunter illuminated my purpose which is exactly what we have come to do in our youth. Which is an instrument to propagate one’s purpose in life. This nonprofit organization YATUP can change the world. We need your help. Leo Marshall, our senior board member has mentored so many youths in the Southside Norfolk area of Virginia. I have partnered with my former college teammates, my current board Chairman Sedric Chavous and Volunteer Director Emerson Martin. Both are extremely talented and dedicated themselves to this movement. 

I played football with my Chairman Sedric Chavous and Volunteer Director Emerson Martin. Chairman Sedric Chavous has an undergraduate degree at Hampton University and a Master’s degree from University Colorado. His experience includes executive stints at Shell Oil Co. and Lehman Brothers and Danaharand Corp. Emerson Martin professional NFL veteran for Kansas City Chiefs and Caroline Panthers. Former High school Head Coach and current Collegiate Coach and his wife Kecia Martin who have taken on the responsibility of being our Special Events Director will prove to be important pieces to this important puzzle. 

Lastly, Julien E. Banks is really the true cause of this effect of YATUP. He received the Presidential scholarship to Virginia Tech University and currently works as a Cost Analyst Contractor.  God has blessed me with some extraordinary people and we now have hundreds more that are ready to learn how exactly we can utilize this new special networking collective platform to make generational change. This nonprofit organization YATUP (Youth Athletic Training Upliftment Program) has brought a new way to move forward for generations to come.  A group of people lead by developer and Director Everett J. Banks, Chairman Sedric Chavous, Press Volunteer Director Emerson Martin, Volunteer Director Julien E. Banks, Special Event Director Keschiia Martin, and our Senior Officers Leo Marshall and some other close associates have begun its operation to help youth worldwide and it’s communities. 

The official grand opening is 6/19/2021, with events starting memorial day week May 23rd-31 and every weekend after until 6/19/2021. Opening Events will include music, free car wash, food, drinks, and volunteers sign up etc. The event will be held at 963 Elgo Street Norfolk, Virginia 23502. All event activities will be donation only and proceeds will all go to our community initiatives that will cause positive change in our homes and in our community. For more information email me at or call me at 757-672-4614. Visit our website The website is live now but is still under construction and will officially become open to the community and the world on June 19th.

The music for the memorial week event will be provided by Black Indian Production.  Apparel by JULIENNI ENTITY MBT LLC and others. Car wash provided by QuickTouch enterprise and PAWAO (Pay Attention Watch And Observe) Services. Special thanks to Southeastern Care Coalition and all the Hampton Roads area. Norfolk, Hampton, Portsmouth, Newport News, Virginia Beach, and all the surrounding community activists. 

We have close to 200 volunteer prospects but we need 1,440. We are asking adults to volunteer one hour per month to be available for at-risk youth. YATUP will provide all the training and tools you will need. This is a call to spirited people who know this is speaking to them and they want to be a part of that number. To be efficient we are first focusing on a region we call the mega-metropolis of Virginia which includes areas from the Hampton Roads to Richmond to the MD/DC area and surrounding cities in between. These cities rank high in community ills like gun violence and we can notate our efforts to track our success in the region. We have professionals all around the United States but, until we get closer to our number of 1,440 trained volunteers we have stayed here where everything started. 

And yes 144,000 is a goal. Virginia has historically been the start of movements and YATUP will lead the way. People of all working backgrounds will be evaluated and will be contacted about their status within our organization. Everyone will not be directly engaged with youth because that’s not everyone’s strength. We have designed a method to place volunteers where they will be most beneficial. The contact numbers we provided will help us solve community ills and avoid police contact until there is change and much better interaction. 

Lastly, we have plans to purchase land and build a one-of-a-kind facility that can provide housing, healthcare, and education to solve community situations. Transparency and hearts have been guided to participants in the building of a new way of life. It’s time to take a step, we have the experience, we have the knowledge and we have seen what works and what doesn’t with a truly collective effort.  I truly believe with all my heart this movement will affect Millions, Billions, and even Trillions of people in the future. My point is you now have a chance to make a difference, this journey begins and ends with you because you are reading this article. This movement will cause generational change. We need your help.

Special Thanks to all my  the EBANKS MIXPLATE artist and producers. Thanks to Chioma Adaku of  The Philanthropy Partners  L.Y.T. Holistic Wellness Inc., Pwerhouse Ent. LLC, SoulTrustRecord, Paradigm Pandemic, Tiffany Goode Goode Music, Loyalty Ova Money Music Group,   Southeastern Care Coalition, Indian Production Record Label, Earth Dirty Production  Jonathan (Smoke) Wilson is who I started in music with and played football with at Hampton University,  much respect to you brother. RIP to Marty Chadwick. Special thanks to the Hampton Roads Messenger & The HBCU Advocate.