Governor Glenn Youngkin Signs Legislation Supporting Virginians with Developmental Disabilities and Their Families

Governor Glenn Youngkin participates in bill signing ceremony at Round Hill Elementary School, Mar. 27, 2023. Official Photo by the Office of Governor Glenn Youngkin.

RICHMOND, VA – Governor Glenn Youngkin today signed key pieces of legislation that will help support Virginians with developmental disabilities and their families obtain the support and tools necessary to ensure that they are able to succeed.

“The bills I’m signing today will improve the lives of so many Virginians, including those with developmental disabilities, who contribute so much to the culture and success of our vibrant Commonwealth,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin.“We must continue to strive to equip our students with the skills to compete and education is such an important part of that process.”
Governor Youngkin signed the following bills today: HB 1963, patroned by Delegate Chris Runion and SB 945, patroned by Senator David Suetterlein,directs the Department of Medical Assistance Services to take steps to amend the Family and Individual Supports, Community Living, and Building Independence waivers to provide greater financial flexibility to individuals with developmental disabilities who are receiving waiver services.

The bill requires the Department to report on its progress to the Governor and the General Assembly by December 1, 2023. 
HB 1554, patroned by Delegate Emily Brewer and SB 943, patroned by Senator David Suetterlein, requires each public high school in the Commonwealth to publicly identify on its official website the faculty member responsible for special education transition planning and coordination at such high school. 

SB 1430, patroned by Senator David Suetterlein, requires the Department of Education to convene a stakeholder work group to make recommendations on reducing barriers to and improving the access of paid work-based learning experiences for English language learner students. 
“In Roanoke today, Governor Youngkin signed three of my bills into law that will provide greater transparency and flexibility for Virginians with developmental disabilities and opportunities for English learner students. I would like to thank Governor Youngkin and the many advocates including The Arc of Virginia, the Roanoke City School Board, and the Commission on Youth for coming together around these ideas that will improve the lives of so many Virginians. We are always strongest when we work together and each of these bills will further empower Virginia families to thrive,” said Senator David Suetterlein.

“I am extremely blessed and pleased to continue our collaboration with The Arc on this legislation. With the Governor’s signature focused, meaningful and impactful support will be available to our friends and neighbors who need it most,” said Delegate Chris Runion.

“Signing HB1554 into law means that the transition process will be more transparent for parents as they navigate special education services. Identifying the coordinator for each school will ensure parents know who their navigator is. As State Chair of the Commission on Youth, this legislation was part of our priority agenda for special education service coordination. I want to thank Governor Youngkin for signing HB1554 and I know he understands the positive impact this will have for Virginia parents,” said Delegate Emily Brewer.