Governor Glenn Youngkin’s Statement on the House and Senate Appropriations

On February 18, Governor Glenn Youngkin released the following statement on the House Appropriations Committee and Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee budget proposals. Glenn Youngkin wanted the public to know he is aware of their concerns and will make an effort to progress the Commonwealth’s economy, education, workforce, and behavioral health without higher taxes.

“When I presented our budget in December, it was a bold, necessary plan forward with the goal of ‘Unleashing Opportunity’ for all Virginians,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “As I begin my review of today’s proposals from the House and Senate it will be through the lens that structural balance matters, that Virginians can’t afford another tax increase and, in fact, need additional tax relief, and that we need to build on the work we’ve done investing in education, law enforcement, economic and workforce development, and behavioral health in the Commonwealth. Today is just the start, and I am confident that working together with the General Assembly we can continue the progress we’ve made in our first two years and move the Commonwealth forward together.”