Hampton University President Delivers an Elevated Student Experience

Surge in Applications for Admission Underscores 10-Year “Elevating Hampton Excellence” Strategic Plan Priorities, Institution Continues to Solidify
Academic and Community Impact

Hampton, Va. – For the second year in a row, Hampton University has experienced a significant surge in applications and enrollment, reinforcing its position as a leading institution for higher education. The University has received over 17,000 applications for the 2024-25 academic year, a substantial increase from the 12,000 applications submitted the previous year.

“This increase in applications is a testament to our reputation as a premier institution for higher education,” said Hampton University President Darrell K. Williams. “Our commitment to academic excellence, innovative programs, and an environment conducive to learning continues to attract talented students from across the nation and the world.”

The surge in applications is accompanied by a historic increase in enrollment. For the 2024-2025 academic year, Hampton University has seen a 34% rise in new student enrollment over the past two years, with 1,292 students set to join the freshman class. This marks a record rate of students committing to the University post-pandemic, many of whom are making their decisions earlier than ever before.

“We are excited to see such a strong interest in Hampton University,” said Angela Nixon-Boyd, dean of Admission and assistant vice president for Enrollment Management. “The substantial rise in applications reflects our ongoing efforts to enhance the University’s profile and provide students with an exceptional educational experience. We look forward to welcoming a new class of students who will contribute to our vibrant campus community.”

In the previous admission cycle, Hampton University received 13,192 applications, out of which 4,749 students were admitted. The tremendous surge in applications and commitments has led the University to waitlist students for the first time in recent history, with almost 2,000 students waitlisted.

Hampton University has implemented strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing the academic experience and broadening the appeal of the institution. The university has introduced new programs and majors that align with current market demands and emerging fields. In addition, the university’s substantial investment in campus upgrades has played a crucial role in attracting new students.

“This year has been marked by extraordinary developments, from the substantial infrastructure upgrades across our campus facilities to the dynamic engagement of our alumni network,” said President Williams. “The launch of our School of Religion, the streamlined one-year online MBA program, the re-emergence of our School of Pharmacy, and the major enhancements to the Hampton University Proton Cancer Institute, to name a few, are just the beginning of our ambitious 10-year plan to expand and deepen our academic and community impact.”

Hampton University’s longstanding reputation for academic excellence and the success of its alumni network continue to be significant factors in attracting new students as well. The university boasts a rich history and a legacy of producing leaders across various fields and industries. “This surge in enrollment validates the strategic choices we’ve made and highlights the positive changes at our university,” said President Williams. “It’s inspiring to see the enthusiastic response from prospective students. As we move forward, we’re committed to continuous improvement, ensuring Hampton University stands as a model of excellence and opportunity.”

Prospective students considering Hampton University are encouraged to apply early. The regular decision application deadline is March 1. With the growing interest and limited spots, early application is advisable to secure a place for the upcoming academic year.