Jill Scott Marries Long Time Boyfriend

Surprise! R&B sensation Jill Scott married her boyfriend Mike Dobson in a top-secret wedding ceremony and reception this past weekend. The two tied the knot June 25, 2016 at an all-white wedding which that some special wedding surprises.

The 44-year-old actress and singer looked absolutely exquisite in her scoop-neck, long-sleeved wedding dress. Her hair was pulled off her face in a bun updo, complete with tear-drop diamond earrings to accentuate her look. The groom wore a simple black tux, accessorized with a black bowtie and white rose boutonniere, according to Page Six. The hush-hush ceremony was filled with candles and gorgeous lighting, and the reception was tented, keeping with the couple’s request for an intimate, party vibe.

Although the wedding was a big secret to the rest of the world (upheld by the bride and groom and their guests), there were no shortage of surprises for the bride herself — including a live performance by Grammy-winning rapper Big Daddy Kane that her new hubby for orchestrated. Major brownie points for your first week of marriage, Dobson! In true newlywed fashion, the two are seen smiling throughout the night in photos and videos — dancing, feeding each other cake, and laughing (major props on being gentle with each other while taking their first bites of cake). As it should be, lovebirds.

This was the Grammy-award winner’s second marriage — previously she was married to Lyzel Williams until 2007 and engaged in 2009 to Lil’ John Roberts. She and Roberts have a 7-year-old son, Jett Roberts, who was in attendance at the wedding (and seen enjoying an adorable dance with his mama — this little guy has moves!). DJ Mars, a good friend of the groom for over 20 years, was the MC of the night, according to  People. He posted videos and photos of the ceremony but then later deleted them, sharing that he knew about the wedding last year but not who Dobson was marrying (they are just full of surprises, huh?). Mars had written on his IG, “He came to my house and gave me the deposit early but didn’t say he was marrying Jill Scott!!!!”

After such a beautiful night filled with happy surprises for the couple and their guests, it’s safe to say that their married life together is off to a good start. Congrats you two! See below for more photos and videos of their big day.

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