Most Transit Services Resume June 14 Face Coverings Required, Ferry on Winter Schedule

NORFOLK – Hampton Roads Transit will resume normal bus and light rail service starting Sunday, June 14, but important efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19 will continue.

Select seats on buses and light rail trains will continue to remain off limits for customers for the foreseeable future to encourage social distancing.

In accordance with recommendations from the Virginia Department of Health, HRT will require customers aged 10 or older to wear a face covering when entering, exiting, traveling through, or occupying public transit centers and vehicles. A scarf, a bandana, or a more formal medical-type mask are all acceptable.

Service on the Elizabeth River Ferry will remain on a winter schedule in response to sharp declines in boardings, the on-going temporary closure of Waterside District, and the suspension of Harborfest 2020. 

Fare collection for all services will remain suspended. Customers are encouraged to continue boarding and alighting buses from the rear, while customers who need assistance, such as those who use wheelchairs, can still use the front of the bus. 

HRT will begin collecting fares again on July 1. All customers are encouraged to use transit for essential purposes only.

Paratransit services will operate as normal.

In response to the growing pandemic, HRT implemented an Essential Service Plan on March 31 that provided a limited number of bus routes to serve major activity centers on the north and south sides. All routes were operating on 60-minute headways.

In addition, extensive cleaning efforts were undertaken to keep transit vehicles and other public spaces clean. Those efforts will continue.

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