A ‘Home Run’ experience at Bryant & Stratton College

By Jose Cazorla

My experience at Bryant & Stratton College was the best of my life; this experience literally changed my life. I arrived in the United States in January 2020 from my country Venezuela. I was so nervous about how my life would be in the United States because I did not know much English, I did not know how to write, speak or understand the English language. So, when I arrived in the United States, I had to get used to how life is in the States. I had to take college classes without knowledge of the English language. However, Bryant & Stratton College’s instructors were so patient with me; they knew that I was not from America and did not know any English. They did teach me everything that I needed to have a successful experience at Bryant & Stratton College.

In the beginning, my social life was not easy, it was so difficult for me to get used to American culture, all of my teammates and roommates were American so communication was very hard for me. One of my teammates’ parents is actually from Panama and he helped me out a lot with so much stuff. He was kind enough to be my translator because he knew Spanish so he was with me most of the time to help me and teach me a lot about the English language. As time passed, I was learning little by little. Every day I was learning a new word and new things about life in the United States.

As an athlete, it was a totally different experience than baseball in Venezuela. Even the past two years were an awesome experience to me despite the COVID pandemic. I was able to experience how baseball and other sports are in the United States. It was a beautiful experience playing this year at Bryant & Stratton College because I was one of the best players on the team. I did my best and showed what I came to the United States for. My coaches are so proud of me and they are glad that they gave me the opportunity to play for Bryant & Stratton College.

After a year and six months in the United States, I can say that I am so proud of myself because it was not easy for me to leave my country and adapt to another totally different culture, language, and environment. However, I would say that I stayed strong during this whole process. I learned how to speak, write and understand English and will be receiving my associate degree in Business Administration in August. As a baseball player, I was able to develop my baseball skills at Bryant & Stratton College thanks to my coaches from BSC who are helping me to develop and do my best. I hope to get to the next level in baseball, which is one of my main goals.

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