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City Obtains Prestigious Military Spouse Employment Partnership Designation

Our city’s Human Resources Department has developed innovative partnerships to recruit new talent and fill critical vacancies. One of those includes the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP), a U.S. Department of Defense program that connects military spouses with employers committed to recruiting, hiring, promoting, and retaining them. Since its inception in 2011, more than 275,000 military spouses have been hired by MSEP employers and today, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, the City of Newport News proudly becomes the 650th partner organization to join!

“The City of Newport News values the contributions of military spouses to our community and our workforce,” said Director of Human Resources Allison Dichoso. “We are committed to supporting military spouses in their career aspirations and providing them with opportunities to serve the public in various city roles. We appreciate the unique skills and experiences that military spouses bring to our organization and our city, and we are excited to be a partner in this program.” 

Obtaining the MSEP designation assures military spouses that our organization offers a supportive environment that values them as professionals. In fact, our proximity to numerous military installations makes the City of Newport News an ideal employer for military spouses. But don’t take it from us. Here are just a few comments from the dynamic military spouses employed throughout the city:

  • Tiffany, Patrol Officer with the Newport News Police Department: “I enjoy working for an MSEP company because they are very accommodating to my work hours. I have monthly evaluations and they check to make sure my home life is good. They also offer wellness programs that help with the stress of the job. The biggest lesson being a military spouse has taught me is that I can adapt to anything, as long as I try and don’t give up, [there’s] nothing I can’t do.”
  • Jen, Assistant Director for Newport News Waterworks: “I enjoy working for a MSEP company because there is a strong level of support and camaraderie. Employers should know that military spouses are resilient, independent, and servant-hearted.”
  • Andrea, Program Coordinator with the Newport News Department of Juvenile Services: “I enjoy [working for an MSEP organization] because of my own personal experiences and how difficult it can be to obtain adequate employment at times. The challenges military spouses face can be incredibly tough, from frequent relocations, to deployments, and handling responsibilities. The [city] acknowledges and supports military spouses through these difficulties.”
  • Nicole, Accounting Technician with the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office: “I like working for the Commissioner of the Revenue, the opportunities are limitless.” She also encourages fellow military spouses to keep the following phrase in mind to stay motivated during a job hunt: “Keep focused on the long outcome, accepting the drawbacks and difficulties of job searching and not being selected because of being a [military spouse].”

In Newport News, being a military spouse is not a deterrent from being hired as a city employee. We are looking for dynamic and dedicated individuals to join our team. We encourage military spouses and anyone looking for a new opportunity to visit

Why Newport News? Andrea says, “I find great satisfaction in working for [the city], largely thanks to my supervisor’s remarkable understanding and flexibility. I am supported not only in my professional duties but also in managing my personal life effectively.”

Waterworks Reminds Us to Be Aware of Scammers

Newport News Waterworks is committed to the safety of our customers; more than 410,000 people in Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, York County, and part of James City County. Here are some suggestions and reminders so you do not fall prey to deceptive tactics or potential criminal activity:

  • A Waterworks employee will not ask to enter your home unless you have scheduled an appointment through Customer Service. Waterworks personnel rarely show up to a home without prior notification except for repairs or meter service, which does NOT require entry to a home.
  • A Waterworks employee will NOT come to your door and request a payment.
  • Waterworks personnel will always provide identification or credentials. Waterworks staff carry City of Newport News employee ID cards, wear uniforms with the Waterworks logo, and drive identifiable Waterworks vehicles.
  • Waterworks does NOT have contracts with other utility companies or outside contractors for water testing services.