Norfolk man wins an “amazing” $150,000

Photo by: Virginia Lottery

An amazing prize!
Norfolk man wins $150,000 in “Amazing 8s” Scratcher game.

Donald McNair wasn’t sure if the ticket in his hand was actually a winner. The Norfolk man thought he might have won the $150,000 top prize in the Virginia Lottery’s Amazing
8s game.”You know you didn’t win,” his wife told him when he told her.

It turns out the ticket really was a top-prize winner. He bought it at the 7-Eleven at 3112 Azalea Garden Road in Norfolk.

Mr. McNair was the fourth player to claim the $150,000 prize in Amazing 8s (game #1705). Just two days after he claimed, the fifth and final top prize in that game was claimed, which means the game is closed. It’s the Virginia Lottery’s policy to close games once the last top prize is claimed.

The odds of winning that top prize in Amazing 8s were 1 in 832,320. The chances of winning any prize in Amazing 8s were 1 in 4.32.

Mr. McNair, who is retired, said he has no immediate plans for his winnings, except to help his family and church.

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