Outdoor Watering Tips from askHRgreen

Hot weather can do a number on your yard, plants and garden areas. Before you reach for the hose or set out your sprinkler, please note that many plant problems arise not from underwatering, but from overwatering. An inefficient sprinkler can deliver as much as 300 gallons an hour onto the lawn, and watering during dry periods can consume up to 75% of a household’s water bill. When it comes to keeping your landscapes green and efficient this summer, remember these outdoor watering tips from askHRgreen:Use a hose nozzle to turn water on/off when watering plants. Water lawn and garden areas when the sun is low, winds are calm and temps are cooler. This will minimize evaporation by as much as 30%. Install a rain barrel to a downspout to collect rainwater, and use it to water your lawn and garden. Use water-efficient drip irrigation systems for your landscape. Set sprinklers to water plants, not your driveway or patio. Plant native plants, which, once established, may have lower water and fertilizer requirements than non-natives. Reduce areas of thirsty turf grass by adding more mulched beds. Mulch will help plants retain moisture, minimize weeds and keep your plants cool. For more watering tips and tricks, visit askHRgreen.org and check out the Newport News Waterworks website for additional information.