Public Works Now Accepting Credit Cards at Recovery Operations Center

By: City of Newport News

The Department of Public Works is excited to announce that the Recovery Operations Center (ROC), located at 520 Atkinson Blvd., is now accepting credit card payments. Customers may use VISA or MasterCard to purchase high-quality, affordable organic mulch and/or compost products. Purchase of compost and mulch products are open to all residents of Newport News and the general public. Only residents paying a Solid Waste user fee are authorized to drop off trash and debris at the ROC. The center is open Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. except on city-observed holidays. The following products are sold by the half or full cubic yard: CompostThe compost is made from leaves and pine needles collected through the city’s annual leaf collection program. Compost is useful as a soil amendment and can be added by top dressing the lawn or garden with 1″ – 2″ of product or by tilling into the soil (up to 4″). When tilled in, compost improves drainage in clay soils and increases moisture retention in sandy soil. MulchThe mulch is made from brush, limbs and logs collected through the city’s Bulk Waste Program. Although most frequently used to enhance the appearance of flower beds, mulching also decreases moisture loss from evaporation and helps to inhibit weed growth. It is used throughout the city on highway medians and roadside plantings to surround trees and shrubs. The mulch is all-natural and contains no dyes or chemicals which would eventually leach out and contaminate groundwater or waterways. Rough Cut MulchThis is a very rough mulch grind which is generally less aesthetically pleasing than regular mulch. It can be used for road beds and to supplement large mulch beds prior to topping with our other more visually appealing products. Rough cut mulch is free to Newport News residents who self-load. For additional information, visit or call 757-926-2311.

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