Residents Encouraged to Get Flood Fluent Above-Average 2022 Hurricane Season Predicted

By: City of Newport News

Officials with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are predicting a 65% chance of an above-average Atlantic hurricane season for 2022, with 14-21 named storms, and six to 10 hurricanes. Are you and your home prepared? If you’re new to the Hampton Roads area, you may not know peak storm season happens in the fall. That means you still have time to get storm-ready by signing up for flood insurance. Once purchased, there is a 30-day waiting period before your policy will go into effect. Don’t wait for hurricanes to pop up on the radar before protecting your home. While flood insurance is absolutely recommended for homeowners and businesses to protect their assets, renters can also benefit from a “contents only” policy to protect their belongings. No matter where you live, emergency evacuation zones don’t paint the full picture when it comes to understanding potential flood risks. Even low-risk areas can experience devastating floods. In fact, 84% of the homes flooded during Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, were outside high-risk flood zones. Preparing for floods means more than just purchasing flood insurance. Taking proactive steps like getting a flood elevation certificate for your home, installing flood vents, managing rainfall, and maintaining good drainage can help mitigate rising water. is an initiative of the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, developed by an advisory group of municipal planners and emergency management staff throughout Hampton Roads, including Newport News. Get more facts at Get Flood Fluent