Saturday’s Furry Rescues in Portsmouth!

Saturday, June 17th, was a very eventful day for several of our Uniform
Patrol and Animal Control Officers in Portsmouth! Here’s why:

At approximately 12:30 p.m., Officer Saunders responded to an injured
opossum on the side of the road. Unfortunately it had suffered fatal
injuries, however, Officer Saunders noticed that it appeared to have a
pouch. Upon investigating further, he located 11 baby opossums inside the
pouch, rescued them, and turned them over to Animal Control for care.

NEXT… Shortly after the baby opossums rescue, Animal Control Officer
Currie located and rescued a pet pig that was on the loose!

And then, shortly after 3:30 p.m., Officer Conn located and rescued a baby
bird in the 3400 block of Columbia Street.

Thanks to these officers, the animals that they rescued are now safe and
will get the care that they need. #PPD #UP1stPlatoon #WildlifeRescue