Statement of Administration Policy on H.R. 6538 – Active Shooter Alert Act of 2022

By: Office of Management and Budget Communications

The Administration strongly supports passage of H.R. 6538, the bipartisan Active Shooter Alert Act of 2022.  Over the Fourth of July weekend, a mass shooter in Highland Park, Illinois, killed seven people.  For hours before the arrest of the alleged perpetrator, police warned that the gunman was still at large and should be considered armed and dangerous.  That same weekend in the United States, over 220 other people were shot and killed and over 570 people were injured as a result of gun violence. 

The Active Shooter Alert Act would enable law enforcement to send out alerts about nearby active shooters.  This common-sense bipartisan legislation is backed by more than ten leading law enforcement agencies.  These agencies know firsthand the urgent need to share accurate and timely information to the general public during an active shooter situation.  The bill would enhance the safety of our communities and the officers who are sworn to serve and protect them.

As communities continue to experience gun violence every day, the Administration calls for swift passage of this life-saving legislation.