Statement of Administration Policy on H.R. 8326 – Ensuring a Fair and Accurate Census Act

By: Office of Management and Budget Communications 

(Rep. Maloney, D-NY and Rep. Connolly, D-VA)
The Administration supports H.R. 8326, the Ensuring a Fair and Accurate Census Act. This legislation would safeguard the integrity of the Census Bureau and enhance the accuracy of Census data. 
The Administration appreciates the Congress’ interest in improving the Decennial Census.  Population data serves as the basis for political representation, determines how hundreds of billions of Federal dollars are spent, and provides critical information to policymakers and business owners about their communities. 
As H.R. 8326 proceeds through the legislative process, the Administration looks forward to working with the Congress to ensure its provisions do not circumvent OMB’s role in formulating the President’s budget request and to avoid impinging on the President’s authority over Executive Branch agencies.

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