Statement of Administration Policy on S.J. Res. 38

By: Office of Management and Budget Communications 

Continuing to protect against COVID-19 and ensuring that our response remains nimble are top priorities of this Administration.  Therefore, the Administration strongly opposes Senate Joint Resolution 38, which would terminate the national emergency declared on March 13, 2020, and unnecessarily and abruptly curtail the ability of the Administration to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 has posed an unprecedented public health challenge for the United States.  Although we have made tremendous progress in combating the virus and are moving forward safely, the virus continues to pose a risk to the American people and our health care system.  We must also be prepared for possible future variants.

The national emergency enables the Administration to more effectively respond to COVID-19, including ensuring that necessary supplies are promptly available to respond to the virus and facilitating the delivery of health care at a time when our health system has been under tremendous and prolonged stress.  These authorities are critical not only to continue responding to the Omicron variant, but also to be prepared to respond to potential future variants.  Our health care workforce has been incredibly resilient, but after two years of fighting the pandemic we must continue to do everything we can to limit the burdens on our health care system.  Preventing further strain on our health care workers and their ability to deliver care to COVID patients will also enable treatment of people suffering from other illnesses who are also put at risk when hospital systems are overwhelmed.  Strengthened by the ongoing declaration of national emergency, the federal response to COVID saves lives, improves health outcomes, prevents economic and educational shutdowns, and supports the American economy.

Actions by Congress to end these authorities abruptly and prematurely would be a reckless and costly mistake.

If Congress were to pass this resolution, the President would veto it.

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