Suffolk Recognizes National Work Zone Awareness Week

SUFFOLK, VA, along with towns and cities nationwide will observe ‘National Work Zone Awareness Week’ from April 15th to April 19th, an annual spring initiative urging motorists to be extra cautious when traveling through construction areas.

Robert Lewis, Director of Public Works in Suffolk, remarked, “In the previous year, we implemented traffic enforcement cameras in two work zones to address the challenge of speeding motorists. The introduction of these cameras has significantly mitigated the issue, resulting in enhanced safety within our largest work zones.”

Public Works is encouraging roadway contractors and citizens to participate in Go Orange Day on April 17th, asking the community to wear orange clothing in support of work zone awareness week. Additionally, a moment of silence at noon on April 19th is suggested to honor the lives lost in work zone incidents.

Public Works is dedicated to upholding rigorous standards for work zone safety. Certified employees in work zones consistently identify and promptly rectify any deficiencies to ensure a secure environment for both motorists and workers.