Time Capsule to be Removed from Downtown Monument Location

Records show a metal box contains artifacts from 1899

NORFOLK, VA – A metal box containing artifacts from 1899 will be removed on Tuesday, June 30 at 9:00 a.m. from the site where the Johnny Reb Confederate War Monument once stood.

The location of the time capsule was discovered during the removal of the monument.  Records from the Sargeant Memorial Collection describe a metal box containing several items including a list of Confederate dead buried in Norfolk, a morning newspaper from February 19, 1899 and a Pickett-Buchanan Camp badge.

Records show the box was originally placed in 1899 then removed when the monument was put in storage in the 1960’s.  The box was replaced in the 1970’s when the monument was re-erected downtown.

The box and its contents will be held in the Sargeant Memorial Collection vault until a final decision is made.