VRC Metal Systems to invest in City of Chesapeake

VRC Metal Systems, LLC, in collaboration with Mid-Atlantic Tech Bridge and the U.S. Navy, is creating an industrial facility in the City of Chesapeake, creating up to 10 new jobs for the Hampton Roads region over a five-year period. The Naval Sea Systems Command Technology Office champions the timely transition of emerging technologies into ships, submarines, and the communities that design, build and maintain them – resulting in a more affordable and capable Fleet. Transitioning new technology from identification of the technology to the initial fielding in the repair facilities has been a major challenge, often referred to as the “Innovation valley of Death”. The Naval Sea Systems Command Technology Office developed the Cold Spray “pop up cell” concept to provide new technology as a service. The pop up cell combines work space and equipment to perform component repairs as a service to the Navy with ship and submarine components targeted for repair at the site. The site will provide shared access to the Navy and Private industrial base sectors, and support technology assessment in addition to the repairs. The pop up cells are designed to open 90 days after contract award and provide a repaired component to the Navy in 21 days or less from the time it arrives until it is shipped back to the customer. The pop up cell model is expected to be adapted and scaled to meet future evolving repair requirements and support new technologies as they emerge. VRC plans to lease 9,800 square feet in 1220 A Fleetway Drive in the Cavalier Industrial Park. The company’s initial investment will be used to create a commercial entity for industrial repair and innovative manufacturing process applications that utilize the company’s cold spray technology.